BeeDirect is an ICT-provider with a mission, the bees' dance if you like. A bee will warn its hive with a kind of dance, at the moment it finds honey. This is how we localize the best source of hardware for you. Next, we will guide you directly to this source: one of the big ICT producers we are dealing with, on behalf of you. This means you no longer need to opt for a brand, but for the properties of the product you need.

Because of this one of a kind procedure, together we will be able to skip two links in the distribution chain: you no longer need to involve a reseller, and the reseller will no longer need to involve the distributor. This way, at the very beginning of the sequence, a free-market basis will evolve, with the producer himself. Meaning you will stipulate much favourable purchase prices with BeeDirect than with your current ICT supplier. The will soon differentiate a quick 30% (of which 10% goes to BeeDirect). We are working in complete transparency and open calculations, so you will also quickly see how much you are saving and how much our part is, in the deals we are handling for you.

We will only be able to close these deals with your cooperation and consensus. Your confidence is crucial, in order to guarantee our negotiating position with the producers.

BeeDirect is unique:

  • No expensive distributive trades in between
  • A broad selection: everything a wholesaler’s end user needs, from PCs, Servers, Storage, Switches, all the way to iPads
  • Full guarantee of manufacture and support
  • Replacing equipment during malfunctions and defects
  • 30 days of credit
  • 250.00 products from 50 manufacturers.

"Should you miss a manufacturer on our list, please tell us, and we will add this one smoothly to our list of producers."