Ronny Lobo

Ronny Lobo

Staff member Logistics


  • Staff member Logistics
  • According to others: reliable, honest & social
  • Likes to play with his kids
  • “Improve the world, start with a good education, respecting everyone.”


  • Engages in a good after-sales service, nicely processing of logistics, teamwork.
  • Listing priorities of clients, regarding service, delivery & pricing. What could BeeDirect do to retain a good, lasting relationship?

It was agreed upon that together, BeeDirect, the carrier and the client, we would cover the damage of a printer that arrived damaged at our client’s place. But our supplier insisted that he would reimburse for the whole lot, because BeeDirect is a good, representative client of his. So he shipped a new printer to our client, and collected the damaged one.

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