The story behind the way we operate is simple and direct. In our vision, every organization with 500+ workstations will need the following:

The right know-how

BeeDirect will deliver everything an organization needs in ICT. This grants us continuity we can offer. Which is what our clients are telling us firsthand, in their stories!

An exclusive cooperation

We advise and care for your company. By doing this, we will look at interests of the entire organization, not just separate departments. So you are getting an all-in advice, producing certain product features. With your demand and the advice, we will then approach three different manufacturers. By working close together with you on an exclusive basis, we will challenge the manufacturer to offer a fair deal. More about this exclusivity you can read under the heading procedure.

A personal Account Manager

We believe in a personal exchange, fast & practicaljust in a time of web-shops and online shopping. In our vision, an Account Manager has:

  • knowledge & insight in your organization
  • know-how of the latest developments in hardware
  • ability to feel and sympathise regarding several interests

We are always there for you to call us for advice, solutions or fault-clearing service. For emergencies we are even available 24/7.

A few good (volume) deals

Only by your trust we are able to be 20 to 30% cheaper than your current ICT provider. You see, we need opportunities in order to live up to your expectations. Please read what our clients are telling us about their experiences.

"We are not here to change a company from the inside out, but to show you how to save up to 30% on your ICT acquisition."