What are you doing with out-of-date PCs or other kind of hardware you no longer use? The more workstations you have within your organization, the more important this question will be. BeeDirect will take care of this too, in the field of well-considered, durable management.

How green are we?

  • Your hardware is passing through a cycle, from the moment we deliver and install. Together we will determine the depreciation for wear and tear, and you could have us handle removal and destruction of your hardware. We are handling destruction of hard-disks in our own truck on location, so confidential data will not even leave the properties. In short, BeeDirect works according to ISO 9001 certification.
  • The way we work is ecological. Usually, the hardware will travel from the factory to the distributor, and then on to the reseller. However, BeeDirect will skip these two links in the distribution chain: the hardware will go directly from the factory to our clients. This will save packing material, energy cost, transport cost and unnecessary emission of CO2.
  • BeeDirect works without the use of paper, even with digital invoicing. Should you prefer a paper invoice, you will have it, in black & white printing.
  • Products: while purchasing the hardware, energy consumption is one of the criteria we select, together with our clients.

Please watch the movie “Destructing hard-discs on location”

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